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July 2023

Nicolas Herbé

Urban universe

By Mathilde Hingray
Dans l’atelier de Nicolas, c’est ambiance hip-hop, fauteuil de barbier et émerveillement.
« Living in The World Today », 2023, 130x97, acrylique sur toile.

In his artist’s studio in Le Tholonet, Nicolas Herbé experiments, transforms, creates.  Light and matter merge between his fingers.  At 33, he freely externalizes his emotions and feelings on the canvas in an innate way. His contemporary universe encompasses the richness of art and urban expression.

He has been fascinated by rap, comics and hip-hop since his childhood.  His mother passed on her passion for painting and drawing to him. After graduating from hotel school, he became a chef, but painted at any opportunity.  By chance, his art collector boss saw his paintings and bought all of his works so convinced was he of his talent. “I realized then that I had always been an artist. I left the restaurant business to live in harmony with who I am”, he confides.

Whether with a brush or an aerosol spray, Nicolas is inspired by his encounters and everyday life and creates bridges between different worlds. He gives his vision of New York culture with a raw look at street art. In his works, technique mixes with nature in the form of abstract graffiti that he describes as illiteracy. His bee signature logo symbolizes this connection to a whole. Represented by the Parisian gallery Artélie, Nicolas would like to take on new challenges such as an immersion program abroad or a collaboration with a brand.


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