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July 2023

Pierre-Olivier Costa

At the Mucem, the conductor of a key year!

By Caroline Guiol
© Agnès Mellon Pierre-Olivier Costa, président du Mucem, en route vers une année « capitale ». Une carrière jalonnée d'éminentes institutions muselles, culturelles et républicaines.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the national museum which has become a landmark venue in its own right (with some 1,200,000 visitors each year), its program has been extended until June 2024 and should appeal to everyone. Since autumn 2022, its new president Pierre-Olivier Costa has spent a lot of time behind the scenes with his teams.  “To take the pulse on the inside, share our desires… To also try to appeal to a public which is still reluctant to cross this sublime building of concrete and glass which seeks to be popular above all. The scheduled events also respond to various commitments: to surprise, to assist, to celebrate, to expand, to seduce, to create bridges through the multidisciplinary fields of dance, theatre, music and cinema”. Each theme asks its own questions about tomorrow. You can expect debate days on architecture and its impact in urban planning; the major environmental challenge of Water, biodiversity and youth”. Temporary exhibitions will be extended in the coming months and town twinning initiated with Mucem-Tandem with an aim of bringing this Mucem to life and making it exciting. The complex Mediterranean remains a symbol of openness. In its legendary host region of Marseilles, this state museum has a role to play. Since its creation in 2013, it has participated in France’s standing on the world stage. I wish it a new, long, familiar and lasting connection with its audience”.


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