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April 2023


Culture at heart

CEPAC has a strong commitment to all its territory, and it has always supported culture. We talked to Christine Fabresse, Chair of its Board of Management

Mécène fondateur du Mucem depuis 2013, la Caisse d’Epargne CEPAC s’engage pour favoriser l’accès à la culture du plus grand nombre. ©criscuolo

How is CEPAC’s commitment to culture realised?

Culture is the cement of our society and as a local bank, we have a role to play in making it as broadly accessible as possible. This is reflected in partnerships and sponsorships throughout our territory. I am thinking in particular of Mucem, of which we are a founding sponsor, supporting it ever since its creation in 2013. Thanks to our support, more than 350,000 schoolchildren have been able to benefit from reduced rates for school outings, and we are very proud of this. We support many cultural events and venues, in mainland France and its overseas territories. Events include Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents,  the CEPAC Silo, Les Suds in Arles, BD in Bastia, the TEATs in Réunion and All Day In in Guadeloupe...


Culture aside, what are CEPAC’s commitments in its territories? What fields are involved? 

CEPAC was founded by philanthropists more than 200 years ago, and it has always run projects with a societal impact. We were ahead of the field in gender equality, for example. CEPAC allowed women to open savings accounts without their husbands’ permission as early as the 19th century, 84 years before the law allowed them to! And we continue to fight for equal opportunities through women’s entrepreneurship, women’s sports and combatting violence against women. We have been a partner of the OM football team for 23 years and were the first founding partner of its women’s team, aiming to democratise women’s football. CEPAC devotes 3.4 million euros a year to corporate social responsibility. Our main mission, after all, is «To be useful to everyone».


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