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December 2022

Jean-Yves Baeteman

Serial chairman

Jean-Yves Baeteman, au cœur des réseaux

Jean-Yves Baeteman has been chairman of Batimex, a specialist lighting and home equipment company, since founding it in 2004. He is also chairman of the dedicated export company APEX, a Union Patronale board member, and the chairman of the Bacchus Business Club. A networker, resolutely international in outlook, he has never stopped travelling, specifically in China, of which he has a keen understanding. On the strength of his experience in foreign trade, he founded his company Batimex in 2004, marketing outdoor decorative lighting. A great success since it currently exports its ranges to 20 countries, has a turnover of 25 million euros and employs 50 people. Proud of its achievements, he especially admires his son Thibault, who recently acquired 95% of the company: “I am delighted. It is a deserved and successful handover.” He finds time to run the APEX network and organise 35 targeted events to present, promote, and advise on international business. He is enthusiastic about trade and manages the Bacchus Business Club in Marseille, which brings together around a hundred business leaders each month over an excellent meal to promote exceptional wines. The dinner format features a business leader who shares their experience and latest news, a winegrower who presents their wines and chateau, and a guest of honour, a favourite, who may be a theatre actor, athlete, journalist, or a successful start-up, for example

Par Clotilde Roux


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