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February 2022

Chloé Zaied

  • A little bit of green in the blue of the sea
Chloé Zaied, une trentenaire qui a su conjuguer sa passion de la mer et son entreprise.© David Herrero

After training as a sailor and working as a skipper in the Calanques National Park, Chloé Zaied is sinking her passion into a superb project: inventing the boat of the future! The young Marseille woman, conscious of the pollution generated by pleasure boating, set herself the goal of creating a vessel sufficiently clean and efficient to meet her daily needs. But she went well beyond that: her maritime family culture, her experience (in shipbuilding in particular), her increasing skills, and her meetings with entrepreneurs and engineers all led to her founding Hynova in 2020. In this respect, the meeting in 2018 with the managers of Energy Observer Developments in Cannes was decisive. She had a demonstrator project, and they had fuel cells—made for each other. The result was Hynova 40, designed and built in La Ciotat, equipped with an electric motor powered by the latest-generation Toyota fuel cell. This day boat is perfectly silent, non-polluting (it only discharges water and does not emit CO2) and boasts a highly attractive design and level of comfort. Building on this success, Chloé Zaied is starting mass production of the
Hynova 42, with marketing planned for this year. The La Ciotat shipyard is focused on small-scale production and a secure hydrogen supply thanks to a partnership with producers and distributors of this fuel. Recreational sailors will thus have a package at their disposal (delivered by truck) that will enable them to fill up in 10 minutes

By Maurice Gouiran


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