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February 2022

Fask Academy

  • The fashion trades
  • Fask Academy, the garment making school founded by Jocelyn Meire and the fashion trades collective Mode Fask, has just welcomed its first cohort of students.

The school’s curriculum is for 15- to 18-year-olds, who will be working as they study, making garments right from the start for the region’s top brands like Kaporal and Pain de Sucre. The school draws on the economic and creative strength of Mode Fask, a group of 130 designers, craftspeople, manufacturer and distributors in the textiles, jewellery, leather goods, cosmetics and accessories sectors. The group’s aim is to promote everything related to fashion in the South of France, building on the identity and particularities of the region and its urban culture. This will require a bigger pool of skilled garment makers, and that gave Jocelyn Meire the idea of launching the Fask Academy. The school will immediately add to the region’s garment production capacity because a third of its funding will come from products made to order by the students. The training is free, and can lead to a CAP diploma in ‘Fashion trades - soft garments’ in two years. With 40 apprentices within two years and fifteen machines at the school in Marseille, Fask Academy is looking to become one of the region’s biggest garment making workshops by 2024.

Par Maurice Gouiran