Vous pensiez connaître ? Provence et touristes… à quelques pas de chez vous ou de votre hôtel se cache l’inattendu. Entre mer et sommets préalpins, littoral ponctué de baies, presqu’îles et terres ensoleillées, les palaces, les plages, les golfs et les balades vous réservent de belles surprises. Partez à la découverte de ces lieux remarquables.

May 2017

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Mood 2
This shop, neighbour and little sister of Mood, sells great fashion, accessories, shoes, bags and jewellery, with the focus on smaller labels. The place is superb, the charm of the old in alliance with sleek modernity. Léa proffers advice and tells us that this summer's trend is on the softly pastel side.

1 rue Petite Fusterie - Tél. 04 90 31 09 05


Journalist Julie enjoyed writing a children's column and decided to open a shop for tiny tots. Being here, surrounded by ready-to-wear, wooden toys and decoration items, feels like being inside a box of fruit drops. It's all sweet and harmonious, cheerful and colourful.

2 rue Joseph Vernet - Tél. 04 13 66 16 79


Richard Doux, jeweller and son of a jeweller, presents today's leading labels. Jewellery of great purity, superb watches, repairs, transformations and personalised creations. Richard Doux is a true artist and his reputation is well deserved.

31 rue Saint Agricol - Tél. 04 90 86 68 59


Art Gallery
Here you'll find some gems of 19th- and 20th-century Provençal painting along with other masterly works. Martine's passion for art began 40 years ago and she's been running her gallery for 20. Collectors know it well.

2 rue Joseph Vernet - Tél. 04 90 82 32 30


Clothes made in France to dress the "free, modern" woman. This highly successful label has personality: light, fluid garments, always with pretty details such as embroidery. This summer's colours are bright: saffron yellow, orange, lagoon blue or bronze-green and silver.

6 rue Joseph Vernet‎ - Tél. 04 90 89 41 96


Bonjour Minot
Clothing, accessories and design for kids aged two to 16. Marine's concept store reflects her identity – or should we say identities in the plural, seeing how she plays with classic versus original and plain basics versus crazy prints.

62 rue Joseph Vernet - Tél. 06 17 54 69 85


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