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March 2017

Greg Gassa's

  • downtown Marseille



Greg Gassa by Pierre Psaltis

 Greg Gassa : « J’ai toujours eu mes attaches à Marseille ».

"I was born and bred here," says Greg over the counter in his restaurant opposite the opera house. The freewheeling 40-year-old graduate of the Lausanne catering school is living his dreams: "I wrote a thesis about opening restaurants in concept stores," he says. Greg Gassa has always had a creative bent, from his years in London, where he worked with Roger Moore's son Geoffrey, to his Parisian period working on company growth at Daniel Crémeux. He has founded his own ready-to-wear line, U-NI-TY, and he runs Burger's Banquet with his partner Axel Arnoux. Star-wise he's a Cancer, "an instinctive who feels things first and thinks afterwards". He is also working enthusiastically "with a lot of other independents" to revive the city centre and create places "that reflect our values".

9 rue Molière, 1er

Tél. 04 91 933 240



My father drinks a lot of tea and I've started too. I'm amazed at the number of different teas Luciole stocks, the quality of the selection and the welcome you get. The shop has been going for 19 years.
15 rue Venture, 1er
Tél. 04 91 33 10 00


Royal Navy
This store opened in 1973. It stocks a jumble of brands like CP Company, Stone Island and, of course, U-NI-TY. And a few curiosities from Fornasetti.
35 rue Paradis, 1er
Tél. 04 91 33 03 40


Sweet’s Lady
My main hangout in downtown Marseille used to be a hostess bar in the '70s. Now it serves Marseille bistro type fare, with natural wines and great classic cocktails.
29 rue Glandevès, 1er


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