Vous pensiez connaître ? Provence et touristes… à quelques pas de chez vous ou de votre hôtel se cache l’inattendu. Entre mer et sommets préalpins, littoral ponctué de baies, presqu’îles et terres ensoleillées, les palaces, les plages, les golfs et les balades vous réservent de belles surprises. Partez à la découverte de ces lieux remarquables.

November 2016

Chico, a happy Arlesian


  Chico Gypsies full NB

Chico nous accompagne...

"I live an amazing life I could never have imagined, musically and humanly. Heaven has given me a beautiful gift that I share with those who like my music and those just discovering it." The emotions and sensations gipsy music conveys are unique. Chico and his group find that its magic works in the sometimes complicated situations of countries where they play on tour. "Our music is a wonderful bridge and that makes me happy. I have been a Unesco peace ambassador for 20 years. I take my guitar, like a pilgrim's staff, and set off to spread the message of peace, tolerance and brotherhood that is so much needed today". Chico considers the magical, enchanting town of Arles as his benevolent home port and his inspiration, a "magic cauldron" of talents. "Life is good," he says in conclusion.



Jean-Luc has revolutionised Arlesian cuisine. He tells us about each dish before we taste it. Thank you, Jean-Luc, for this journey of flavours and emotions!
7 rue des Carmes
Tél. 04 90 91 07 69


Chez Bob
Mythic! Josy and Jean-Guy play all the roles here: host, cook, foodie and entertainer. It's simple, delicious fare. And the decor? A museum, a splendid, beautiful jumble.
Route D 37 Mas Petite Antonelle route Sambuc-Gageron
Tél. 04 90 97 00 29


Hôtel Jules César
Refurbished by Christian Lacroix, it's acquired a new dimension. It has Christian's imprint and his sparkle but also an Arlesian side, with bulls and everything we love about our region.
9 boulevard des Lices
Tél. 04 90 52 52 52


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