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September 2022

Yachting version 2.0

  • Neoyot, the first yachting agency 2.0 in France, proposes to manage all yachting services in a single app.
Matteo Brisacq a ouvert le premier bureau à Nice de Neoyot. Parmi les yachts proposés par l’application: un Pershing 5 x de 17 m (avec 2 cabines).

Now you can pay for consumer goods by subscription, everything from baskets of vegetables to cars and music streaming platforms. Neoyot is riding this alternative approach to credit and leasing and applying it to yachting. "We've rethought the way people access yachts by creating a whole new experience that will be part of today's and tomorrow's mobility," explains Anthony Brisacq, Neoyot president. He devised the concept with financier Philippe Bacou and has surrounded himself with a team of millennials, including his son Matteo, who is opening the very first office in Nice.
The concept: yacht buyers subscribe to avoid the constraints of ownership and "sail five times cheaper, as much as they want"; owners make their yachts profitable thanks to subscribers; investors can expect a guaranteed return on investment of 7 to 11% net of tax, as Neoyot guarantees the number of subscribers needed to cover all acquisition and operating costs, coupled with the buy-back guarantee...
On the practical side, everything is automated, thanks to the Neoyot app. Subscribers can book a yacht 24 hours a day and take advantage of the services provided (instant chat with the captain, itinerary planning, security system via "NautiSafe" black box). This yachting agency 2.0 aims to promote an environmentally responsible business model. "Sharing a boat means reducing the number of boats in service, which means fewer petroleum-based products and fewer boats to recycle” In addition, Neoyot has a charter offer in more than 18 destinations worldwide – more than 2,844 yachts via 200 partner agencies

By Milena Radoman


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