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June 2021

Hit the road with an EV, family in tow

Par Benjamin Perles

Volvo XC40 Recharge P8
The Gothenburg manufacturer introduces full-electric cars to its range with the city SUV. An unprecedented but logical move as we know that the city is a regular haunt for battery-powered vehicles. However, the XC40 will impress you with its surprising acceleration delivered by the 408 hp engine transmitting power through all four wheels and its comfortable range of 410 km. All this in relaxed, Swedish style. The sage green colour blends in perfectly with our region’s hinterland. With silent electric vehicles, it’s discretion guaranteed.


The Bavarian manufacturer is not a beginner in the world of EVs. It’s even the first of the German “Big Three” to have released an electric model in 2013—the i3. With this experience behind it, BMW is offering electrification of its range so that brand lovers do not lose their bearings. Before the i4 saloon and the imposing iX SUV comes the iX3. This new model brings the best of both worlds, allowing a transition to electric power without changing the codes of the best-selling X3. It even has the same 286 hp as the X3 3.Osd and the current X3 x Drive30d.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo
The first all-electric estate car… and it’s a Porsche. Building on the success of the Taycan Saloon, the Stuttgart-based company has now created its interpretation of the high-sided estate car. More room for passengers and luggage and more comfort for all, without losing the performance of the original Taycan and weighing only 25 kg more. A real tour de force from the German engineers making it the best electric Porsche and surely one of the best EVs in the world. A vehicle that can do everything, a perfect example of how an electric car can be the household car.


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