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  • Unbridled creativity
  • Whether it’s outfits or suits, blue-collar togs, or cabin crew clothing... this season's workwear has the perfect touch of sophisticated twist for stylish women about town or working from home.
  • On the one hand, luxury fashion houses and designers are hijacking technical sportswear, but on the other, sports equipment manufacturers are making their apparel more sophisticated. In 2020, wardrobes are borrowing from all the Olympic disciplines.
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  • Courrèges and Margiela favourite colour white and its futuristic aura are seducing sporty-chic women at the top of the slopes. Melting into the frozen surroundings with immaculate total looks.
December 2020 - Fashion

Tout schuss !

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  • Urbanites garbed in their champion’s outfits to emulate their heroes. Red, white, and blue... Topping the style charts, the Tricolore inspires a whole chic tech wardrobe.
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