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September 2023

Pauline Lourmieres

Ethical fashion from the cradle

Par Marjorie Modi

Designer and mother of three Pauline Lourmières founded LOIR Paris in 2020. It’s an exquisite collection of timeless garments for boys and girls aged 0 to 8. “LOIR is a family venture. With Grégoire, my partner in life and in business, we wanted to start an ethical, responsible brand. We both wanted to create beautiful things in a beneficial way, for our children now and in future,” says Pauline. Fostering strong values like shareability and respect for people and the world, she designs eco-responsible clothing in organic cotton, made in Europe. They avoid over-producing. Each item is “like Sunday wear you want to wear every day,” she says. LOIR garments are poetic. They are distinctive yet timeless. “Their unisex cut and durability mean they can be passed down from big sister to little brother and vice versa.”


Comforting autumn wardrobe

Orders have been flooding in to LOIR these past two years. The niche brand is known in Japan and Korea and can count on word of mouth from satisfied mums to bring new customers. “We’re aiming to have LOIR Paris available at specialist concept stores like Bébé Inédit in Nice.” In the meantime, you can discover all the delicacy of the collection in the brand’s Paris showroom. Shirts, smocks, quilted jackets, rompers in tartan, brown velvet or flannel, gingham bloomers and more. All these, impeccably cut and carefully finished, evoke the comfy atmosphere of a home in autumn.


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