The bling movement launched by late-90s rappers has toned down: still showy but now more chic and refined.

Black Panther
Part of the Cartier Etourdissant high-jewellery collection, the Panthère ring in sculpted black jasper and yellow gold hypnotises us with emerald eyes in turn playful, caressing or predatory.

Richard Mille
Toujours à l’heure !
Perfect timing! This independent watchmaker’s bright idea? Dressing up his RM 037 and RM 07-01 Ladies (photo) watches with a plain or gem-set chain bracelet. A most successful iteration!

Tiffany & Co.
Being fond of chunky chains, rap and hip-hop
stars can’t resist Tiffany & Co’s T collection, notably its very graphic Tiffany City Hardwear bracelet of big gold links.

Queen B.
This jeweller has a romance going with R & B queen Beyoncé, so naturally Valérie Messika has designed some bespoke mega-creoles for her ears! Unique and personalised, they of course feature the three moving diamonds hallmarking the Move line.

ParJulie De los Rios