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April 2016

Design scandinave

  • Nature domesticated
 la nature

Through both forms and materials, Scandinavian design has always made the connection between nature and culture. Six young creatives lauded at the latest Maison & Objet show demonstrate.



Kneip is a craft, design and art studio founded by Jørgen Platou Willumsen and Stian Korntved Ruud. Nature and craftsmanship are major sources of inspiration for these two designers who like to tell stories through their products, all of which are made by hand either in small series or as one-offs. Working in a wide range of expressions and techniques, their goal is to take Kneip to a point where art, design and craftsmanship converge.

Katriina Nuutinen

Nuutinen's work is a fine example of contemporary Finnish design, focused mainly on glass and inspired by the fascinating interplay between glass and light. She also explores other materials such as wood, metal, leather and textiles, as well as combining different materials; her elegant Hely jewel lamp is a perfect example of her creativity and expertise with diverse materials. Although her main interest is in lighting, interior accessories and tableware, she feels increasingly drawn to concept designing and furniture design.

Troels Flensted
This Danish designer explores the possibilities offered by innovative materials, colours and manufacturing processes; it is by trying out combinations of these three parameters that he finds the inspiration for his pieces. Since setting up his own studio, Flensted has exhibited his work at Europe's most respected design shows.

Jonas Edvard
This experimental designer based in Copenhagen undertakes research into and development of raw and natural materials in order to produce new objects, his goal being to create sustainable furnishings using materials with potential for a global green economy. In an approach marked by simplicity and sincerity, he spotlights the qualities of existing materials and draws on their history and many uses in order to create functional products.

Kjartan Oskarsson
This Icelandic designer has been involved in numerous interior design, furnishing and lighting projects. His most recent work has focused on designing and constructing lighting and lamps that incorporate interactive systems so users connect with the pieces and make them function in new ways. Oskarsson was the Launch Pad winner at New York's 2015 WantedDesign show.

Färm & Blanche
Known for its experimental approach, this Franco-Swedish studio works in a variety of fields and collaborates with reputed Scandinavian furniture brands. Partners Emma Blanche and Fredrik Färg also produce individual collections and limited-edition artworks for galleries around the world. Their feel for experimenting with materials and production methods, in textiles especially, comes through in all their work, often via sly personal touches.



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