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October 2015


  • Et la façade fut !


The tiling expert has just finished renovating its frontage, a project intended to promote a technical solution for its clients.


Customers can now judge for themselves the result of the work begun back in March. The landscaped forecourt is still to be laid out but the project's raison d'être can now be appreciated in full. So the aim was... to renovate an ageing frontage? Obviously not. The project entrusted to Vence chartered architect Frédéric Ferrero showcases technical solutions that Tordo is planning to develop for its customers, specifically: using large ceramic tiles (120cm x 60cm) for a building's frontage for the first time, a process that is now authorised as it is weather-proof and seismically safe, as well as providing effective external insulation. Trend-wise, large tiles are always popular, and now come in a mega 50cm x 300cm (optimum thickness: 6mm). Faux wood too is increasingly on-trend since technical advances mean extremely realistic effects can now be created. Also worth a look are the 20mm ceramic flagstones laid on blocks, an effective way of raising a terrace and creating a stunning indoors/outdoors effect.


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