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October 2015

Paul Obadia

  • "Déco Meuble Design is going to be a big regional event."


True to his slogan of “Never copy-and-paste, always be different”, Nicexpo's managing director promises us a surprising and intriguing ideal-home exhibition.


COTE : Why did you take this show on?
Paul Obadia: We were asked to take over organising it by the Chambre du Négoce de l’Ameublement et de l’Equipement de la Maison, which started the show 47 years ago and has run it ever since. We accepted because with the Foire de Nice that gives us two major shows a year.


Is it a challenge?
Yes, because it's about proving we can fulfil our clients' expectations. There's a risk involved but it's a foregone conclusion, it has to be for Nicexpo's reputation and our way of apprehending things.


And how exactly did you tackle this project?
By applying the same principle that has always driven me: “Never copy-and-paste, always be different. In real terms that means a new name – the SADECA has become Déco Meuble Design – but also, most importantly, a real effort to break with
the classic image of an ideal-home exhibition.


And how are you doing that?
By intriguing and surprising people with the unanticipated. For example, we're going to ask artists such as Moya, Antoine Graff, Bernard Taride and the KKF collective to reinvent a home and everyday items – chairs, table, refrigerator, light fittings, mirrors and so on. I also wanted to show the work of Marie Sez, a young photographer I appreciate for her very sensitive and poetic way of seeing reality. She is exhibiting a project on the fracturing of architecture in the urban environment.


Will young designers be spotlighted?
Yes indeed, I'd like to think the show will be a talent-spotter. With that in mind we ran a big design competition that was most successful since it attracted 40 entries. Rémi Abel, a student at the Kedge Design School in Toulon, won it for his Student Box containing everything you need to live comfortably in 12m² (see next page). 


Do designers see fitting out interiors as problematic?

Yes, it's about what I call “variable-geometry living space”. These days we need homes that can adapt to life's varying circumstances: stepfamily, working from home, caring for an elderly parent, etc. So I wanted
the show to offer visitors space-saving solutions to suit their different needs.


Tell us about the exhibitors
There will of course be the usual classics (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms) but we want to refocus the show on quality so we refused some exhibitors who didn't fulfil the requirements. 


What is your goal for this first show?

To make it a big regional event that gets the professionals who didn't attend thinking they've missed something!


Du 7 au 15 novembre 2015
Nice, Palais des Expositions
Esplanade Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny


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