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April 2016

Flower power

 tredy beautee mai 16

A daisy bottle, a flower-sculpture stopper, intense rose... the springtime fragrances make no bones about their floral


Éclat de Fleurs

Bucolic charm.
Lanvin’s new creation soars on an accord of pear emphasised by freesia, rose and Arabian jasmine. The bucolic charm of this fresh, joyous perfume extends to the bottle stylised as a daisy, whose French name – marguerite – was that of Jeanne Lanvin’s beloved daughter.

Eau de parfum, en exclusivité chez Nocibé


Dolce Rosa Excelsa
Rare and precious.
A new flower has bloomed in the Dolce garden, imbued with the boldness and purity of the perfumers’ best-loved petals. For Rosa Excelsa, Dolce & Gabbana has composed a fabulous nectar that associates rosa canina, used for the first time in perfumery, with absolute of Turkish rose and notes of musk and light woods.

Eau de parfum, aux Galeries Lafayette Haussmann et dans les boutiques Dolce & Gabbana


Daisy Blush

Dream bouquet.
Marc Jacobs again cultivates his (good) taste for daisies with three sparkling, spirited new editions of Daisy Blush. Romantic hearts won’t be able to resist the girly floral design of the collection’s bottles. A special mention for Daisy Dream, definitely a dream bouquet for sweet young things.

Eau de toilette. So Fresh en exclusivité chez Sephora, et Daisy Dream chez Nocibé


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