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July 2015

A change of air!

 trendy parfums juillet

It's time for summer scents, light, sensual and mischievous – just like Italy, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for great perfumers.


Back to the future.
If you loved Prada's limited-
edition Infusions, heave a sigh of relief because the
six fragrances are now on sale as a permanent collection. This summer spritz yourself with Fleur d'Oranger, orange blossom perfectly balanced by iris pallida and right in tune with the brand's mind­set: modernity stating its heritage from the past.


L'Artisan Parfumeur
Calabrian mandarin.
The smell of mandarins inevitably lifts our spirits, evoking as it does the return of summer, indulgence and light-heartedness. This incited the perfume house to create an outstanding single-flower Mandarin eau de toilette for which Olivia Giacobetti extracted the essence of a Calabrian variety at three different stages of maturity. A must!
100 ml, 100 €


Dolce & Gabbana
Scent of the South
North of Sicily's crags, beaches and heathlands reaching down to a deep-blue sea, lie the Aeolian Islands. The most fertile of these is Salina, to which the limited edition Sunset in Salina pays a fresh, intoxicating tribute through a blend of yellow freesia, orange blossom, jasmine, amber, cedarwood and white musk.
25 ml, 39 € – 50 ml, 49 €
100 ml, 66 €


By Mireille Sartore


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