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November 2016

Unbridled horsepower!

 trendy auto decembre

Super? Mega? Ultra? Whatever the prefix, sports cars deliver and how!


Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster
Straight after the AMG GT R’s world premiere come two convertible variants, the AMG GT C Roadster and the AMG GT Roadster. In looks they’ve retained the coupé’s hunky proportions, and with the first delivering 557hp and the second 476hp you won’t be missing out on thrills!


Lotus Exige 350 Edition

Following the Evora and the Elise, this third anniversary model celebrating 50 years of car-manufacturing at Hethel (UK) sets the bar even higher in sports driving. Weighing in at barely 1099kg, it’s powered by a 350hp 3.5-litre V6 engine that hits 100kph in 3.9 seconds!


Honda NSX
We French discovered it “for real” last October and the response was a definitive “wow!” So here we have a worthy descendant of the mythic model built in the late 1980s, obviously incorporating the tops in today’s technology, as in a turbocharged V6 engine coupled with 3 electric motors developing 581hp.