jeunes designer 2015


Salon Déco Meuble Design

  • Here come the young designers


For the show's first year its organisers ran a big competition* to discover talented youngsters. Of the 40 entries, four really impressed the jury. Here they are.


Winner n° 1
Rémi Abel : Student Box

“In writing my dissertation on “Student Habitat, a Source of Wellbeing?”, I brought up the issues of what causes students problems and what their wellbeing depends on, which led me to determine that the comfort, variety and aesthetics of furniture plus its capacity to answer their needs are essentials for students.” Out of this conclusion was born Student Box, a solution for students living in unfurnished flats. The concept? A cube measuring 75cm x 75cm x 101cm and weighing less than 50kg, which comprises everything required: low table, TV stand, eating table with four stools, four storage units and a cube that opens up into a bed settee. All for €500!


Winner n° 2
Marianne Turco : Valet
Functioning as a dressing table, desk and sideboard, Valet will find its place in any room, like a pop-up exhibition stand. Its screen design means it is modular so the user can adapt it to their personal needs. The metal frame is strung with moveable elastic bands on or through which you can hang or insert photos, brushes, towels, jewellery etc. The worktop houses built-in or concealed storage.


Winner n° 3
Xavier Aguado : ln-action

In action at the desk, in inaction on the sofa – this piece offers both possibilities so as to optimise the 'lost' space of a sofa and bring the office into the living area. Ingenious and utterly simple thanks to a system of four sliding units. When completely closed, the table forms a square seen as composed of two kinds of wood that in size and appearance reflect and modulate each other.


Winner n° 4
Pierre-Henry Cloitre : Child's desk.
More than a simple desk, here we have a complete ergonomic system thought out specifically for children, from screen to seating. This all-in-one could well revolutionise the way children inhabit the classroom as its design makes learning more interactive and there are two possible work spaces