When nature inspires…

 paradis perdu

Paradise found


Accessories, furnishings, speakers, lighting... design goodies that will give your garden an Eden complex!


(1) RS# Folding Pingpong, design Rafael Rodriguez
A perfect blend of function, design and materials (steel, resin and wood), this table-tennis table supplies the means for hard-fought games on what is, at last, a truly aesthetic alternative to the usual equipment. www.rs-barcelona.com


(2) Solar, design Jean-Marie Massaud,Foscarini
A romantic, relaxing glow defined by the curve of the earth. Put succinctly, that's the idea behind Solar. Its soft light reminds us of the sun at dawn or dusk while its hemispherical shape evokes the heavens above us.


(3) Smokey Mountain Cooker, Weber
grillers" seeking special taste experiences. Bring out all the subtle flavours of your food with these barbecues designed to slowly cook meat, poultry and fish to perfection. www.weber.com


(4) Nichoir, Opossum Design
Why shouldn't birds have design bird feeders? These are ever so easy to install and make fantastic shelters for your feathered guests, encouraging them to tarry awhile in your garden or on your balcony or terrace. opossum-design.com


(5) Grillage, design François Azambourg, Cinna
This chair is made by drawing a sheet of metal through a milling machine then welding a metal wire point-by-point along the edge. The sheet is then folded and creased to create the seat. It has an optional fabric mat specially treated for outdoor use. www.cinna.fr


(6) OutCast, Soundcast
Fonctionnant en Bluetooth, This wireless speaker was conceived specifically for demanding music lovers who want quality outdoor listening. Its 100W digital tri-amp feeds a downward-firing woofer and four full-range drivers in a 360° array, giving omni-directional stereo sound. www.gosoundcast.com


(7) Traveler, design Stephen Burks, Roche Bobois
A chair constructed from a thin tubular frame of lacquered steel with coloured cord wrapped around. It's available in two colourways, one bouncy (coral, red and yellow), the other laidback (grey, white and cobalt blue), with a choice of two sets of cushions – so four possibilities in all! www.roche-bobois.com


(8) Yuan d’antan, Ibride
What looks just like a Chinese vase is in fact piled-up bowls and plates decorated with highly distinctive dreamy or graphic scenes. Just the thing for impressing your picnic guests. www.ibride.fr


(9) Poulailler, Farmili
The French furnishing manufacturer has revisited the classic hen house via an idea inspired by shipping containers. Sleek, colourful (in oriental red, pale green or mousey grey) and practical, it will please your chickens without spoiling your garden. And it's delivered fully assembled! www.farmili.com


(10) Le Chien Savant, design Philippe Starck, Magis
A fun, functional all-in-one chair and desk. For young children this little doggie is both a new playmate and a desk on which to work or draw, and as it's made of polyethylene it can be used indoors or out. www.magisdesign.com