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1 : Scribble
This pen has a colour sensor that allows you to record any colour in your surroundings plus four ink cartridges so you can reproduce it as with a jet printer.

2 : 360 cam
sits in the palm of your hand but delivers Full HD real-time streaming video over WiFi.

3 : Sony DSC-QX1O
This smart lens clips onto the most widely used smartphones, enabling you to take and share photos via a WiFi connection.

4 : Parrot Flower Power
Flower Power's sensors assess the health of your house plants, alerting you if there's a problem and advising you
on how to care for both indoor and outdoor species.

5 : Reign
This wristband automatically detects your sports activities (running, cycling, walking, swimming etc.) and your general activity and inactivity so as to calculate calorie consumption, distance covered etc. It even analyses your sleep quality.


6 : Withings Smart Body Analyzer
The data recorded by these bathroom scales (BMI, ideal weight, kilos you need to lose etc.) is collated in your smartphone and shown as a simple, detailed graph. No more excuses for not being in tip-top shape!

7 : Cue
A connected cube that tracks and analyses your body's health at the molecular level from the comfort of your own home by measuring the presence of vitamin D, C-reactive proteins (indicating inflammation), luteinising hormone (indicating fertility levels in women), the flu virus, testosterone etc.

8 : Apple iWatch
Available in three original collections – Watch, Watch Sport, Watch Edition – and two sizes (38mm and 42mm), this combines Apple's considerable knowhow with superb design and incorporates notifications, Siri personal assistant, GPS, NFC chip for contactless payments etc.

Par Alexandre Benoist