Exacteur, a digital twin for personalised medicine

  • Digital Technology Prize


Today's connected people monitor their daily lives constantly, from distances walked to energy used in their homes. The ExactCure app extends this to a field with tremendous socio-economic impact: medication. Its originality lies in the creation of a "digital twin", i.e. a double of the patient with all their individual characteristics, on which it is easy to simulate the real-time effect of a medicine, without blood samples. For example: Jenny Smith takes an aspirin at 12.35pm; the app tells her her headache will be fading by 1.15pm and completely gone by 3.10pm, and that her system will have eliminated the aspirin by 5.45pm. Of course Jenny's response can't be extrapolated to anyone else as we all respond differently to medication. ExactCure's "digital twin" uses dynamic biomodelling to bring bespoke medicine into the electronic age.


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