Socca Chips®

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Tradition reinvented

Socca Chips came about through 20 years of gastronomy, a love of Niçois cooking, a passion for healthy food, and a streak of madness in undertaking such a venture! Intent on wasting nothing, Luc Salsedo has always sought ways to use up the food trimmings in his restaurant kitchen. In early 2014, one particular remnant triggered a bright idea that led him to create a new snack made with chickpea flour: socca crisps! He tried them out on friends, family and then customers, and received enthusiastic feedback. After considerable thought and further trials in preparation, cooking and conserving, Luc Salsedo had fine-tuned his recipe for the product he has now been commercialising since June 2014: authentic Socca Chips, a new way of enjoying socca (chickpea-flour pancakes), the culinary speciality that is part of Nice's heritage.


informations : Entreprise : Les Gourmandises Niçoises / Acteurs : Christine et Luc Salsedo, Pascal Bermon et Thierry Duca / Contact :