COTE Invent 2018



Panier bleu

 © Gil Zetbase

  • An e-grocer for Riviera producers



Trade Prize
Cap@city’s online market place aims to make life easier for local food producers and merchants – and their customers too! Each participating vendor has an individual e-shop listing their products, prices and special offers and providing real-time interaction with customers. The website works like a superstore, with products listed by producer and category. Customers put all their purchases into a superbasket and make a single payment, with the platform redistributing payments to the sellers. Monpanierbleu currently has two refrigerated vans making daily deliveries around Mandelieu, Antibes and Grasse, with plans to extend the service to Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Vence by this May. It also offers a click & collect system so shoppers can pick up their purchases direct from sellers.


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