COTE Invent 2018




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  • A pilot urban-farming project



Project Prize
By 2050 around 80% of the world’s population will be living in urban or peri-urban areas, a forecast that has triggered thinking worldwide about local food production and seeking a measure of food independence for urbanised zones. The NiceEcoFarm project is part of this, positioned as an innovative peri-urban farming solution combining soil-based and soil-less market gardening with green waste management plus production and storage of energy generated by its agricultural activities or photovoltaic greenhouses. The “smart farm” located in Nice Eco-Vallée wants to set an example in circular management and flow synergy, with the intention of speeding up decentralisation of our food and energy production and so help achieve sustainable development targets.


Contact Yann Rozier – Tél. 06 27 86 17 13