COTE Invent 2018




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  • Vibration absorption on helicopter seats



Technical Innovation Prize
Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Dynalaya specialises in developing innovative vibration-absorber systems and technologically advanced mechanics, including a DAVI (Dynamic Anti-Resonant Vibration Absorber) suspension system that reduces the vibrations felt on board helicopters. Caused by the rotors, these vibrations are an on-going preoccupation of manufacturers because they contribute to fatigue and even musculoskeletal problems. The Sarib Seat, invented and developed in close collaboration with Airbus Helicopters, is a seat suspension employing an innovative inertial-resonator system that almost completely cancels out vibrations in several directions, whatever a passenger’s weight or size. The light (2kg), entirely mechanical, passive suspension is installed between floor and seat, without requiring any adaptations or adjustments.


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