COTE Invent 2018



O Sol

 Idriss Sisaïd, Enrique Garcia Bourne et Maxime Cousin./© Gil Zetbase


  • Portable solar power


Special Prize
The Cannes-based start-up run by three young graduates has developed an autonomous smart portable solar generator, named Kino. Place it wherever you want and it automatically unfolds solar panels and directs them towards the sun, like a sunflower. You need no technical skills to set it up and do nothing to start it functioning. It can produce enough energy to power two laptop computers, a mini-refrigerator or around 15 mobile phones, plus it has storage batteries so you can use its power after dark. The foldaway technology makes it compact and portable, ideal for camping or trekking but also for humanitarian work and scientific expeditions. O’Sol has the backing of numerous organisations.


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