Erik Gebers (directeur général) et Julien Bor (président) / © Jean-Pierre Amet


  • Prix Technologies de l'Information et de la communication


Smile, we're all on camera!

ChewChunks is an iOS and Android app that lets people make videos together. For example, on a skiing holiday with friends everyone shoots their own videos on their mobile phone. ChewChunks lets you combine everyone's best memories together in one video, shared in real time. First you create a project, give it a title – Skiing Weekend – and divide it into sections; then you invite your friends to add live footage of their antics or upload their favourite sequences taken during the trip. Everyone can see how the video is taking shape whenever they want and view everybody else's contributions. Editing is automated on dedicated servers, in line with how the master video's initiator has structured it. The finished video can be shared on social networks or downloaded.


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