Emmanuel Curinier (directeur général)) / © Jean-Pierre Amet


  • Prix Green Tech


No more flooding!

The environment-friendly device developed by F-Reg (Flow Regula-tion Systems) is a valve that reduces the flow through water-supply and waste-water pipes so as to avoid run-off, and the damage it causes, due to non-porous ground surfaces in urban areas. The valve can be fitted via any existing manhole and works by partially closing the pipe so as to keep the flow at a natural minimum; if the pipe behind the valve fills up completely then the valve auto-matically opens progressively to let the water through before it overflows. The system also enables utility companies to regulate the flow of waste water so it doesn't overflow and pollute the natural environment, and directs planners towards sustainable building that does not exacerbate run-off or flooding and controls pollutants. Last but not least, it encourages those responsible for our cities to plan for an increasingly urbanised future.


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