Francesco de Simoni (directeur général TAS France), Lionel Faure (directeur marketing et responsable des partenariats) / © Jean-Pierre Amet

Common Cents

  • Prix Innovation Social


Generosity booster

This system allows anyone to make micro-donations when buying on-line or in-store, a painless method of helping the less fortunate. Every gesture of generosity, whether just a few centimes or the odd euro, when purchasing something is an easy, spontaneous way to increase the resources of non-profit organisations. And it's so simple. On a website or the mobile app, when you come to the page summarising your order you'll be given the chance to round up the cost of your purchases to the nearest euro, to donate a fixed amount, or not to make any donation. You then confirm your choice and move on as usual to the payment page. This means of donating is presently being used by the Au Nom de la Rose chain of florists to finance the refurbishment of a school in Ethiopia.


Entreprise : TAS France et Common Cents Acteurs : Francesco de Simoni et Lionel Faure Contact