cote invent 2016


  • Showcasing Riviera excellence


The second edition of the competition run by the UPE 06 business federation and COTE La Revue d’Azur will again spotlight the Alpes-Maritimes's most innovative businesses.


“The success of 2015's first COTE Invent’ competition motivated us strongly to repeat the exercise this year since spotlighting local firms is absolutely in line with UPE 06's mission of helping businesses develop,” says Julien Riera, general manager of the UPE 06 business federation, while Claude Henri Menu, COTE La Revue d’Azur's founder, explains: “It gives us another opportunity to further our involvement in local life. Four years ago we started the annual ArchiCOTE contemporary architecture competition in association with the SACA architects' federation. We were keen to build on this idea by launching something similar for local firms in order to promote their inventiveness and initiative, which really help boost the Côte d’Azur's global image and reputation. And of course it's another way for us to pursue our vocation since inception of promoting Riviera excellence.” COTE Invent' 2016 received nigh-on 50 entries! The inventions had to have been developed in the Alpes-Maritimes and finalised between 31 December 2014 and 31 December 2015. Each entrant could enter as many categories as they wished but submit only one invention for each. Eligible inventions might be a finished product, a smartphone app, a concept, a management solution, an infrastructure system etc. Entries could have already been featured in the press but not have won any awards. This second competition comprises four categories: Green Tech, ICT (information and communication technology), Social Innovation, and Trade & Services, with a Special Prize also awarded. Entrants will benefit from the publicity campaign organised by the UPE 06 and COTE La Revue d’Azur and from press coverage of the competition. The prize trophies, designed by module B of Nice, are to be presented at a gala night on 3 March at the Negresco Hotel in Nice.


UPE 06

This interprofessional organisation groups together the MEDEF 06 and CGPME 06 federations of employers and small- and medium-sized businesses respectively. It has been supporting Alpes-Maritimes business for 42 years.


COTE La Revue d’Azur
Started 29 years ago, is the Riviera's leading lifestyle magazine and France's first city hospitality magazine for residents and tourists with high spending power.