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Jessica Sbaraglia

  • New heights of veg growing!


She's the only smallholder on the Rock! An ex-model from the Jura, Jessica Sbaraglia quit her job in the luxury car industry when she was 32 to become a micro-farmer in... Monaco – the Principality's first in almost 300 years! In the world's most densely populated mini-state she saw hundreds of potential kitchen gardens where others saw only bricks and mortar. “It was by looking at Fontvieille's roofs as so many hypothetical urban gardens that I had the idea of putting some colour back into the Principality.” So she trained at Bec-Hellouin Farm in the Eure then set about launching her start-up, Terre de Monaco, which came into being last June thanks to crowdfunding and support from Prince Albert II. The idea behind it is to valorise and utilise flat spaces (terraces, balconies, roofs, gardens etc.) by growing vegetables in raised beds using bio-intensive and permaculture techniques. After creating an urban garden at the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, Jessica recently completed a 400m² one at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Chinese pink radish, South African garlic, yuzu mustard, rocket, broad beans, kale, winter purslane and edible flowers are among the plants now figuring on the Michelin-starred Blue Bay restaurant's menu.


By Marjorie Modi