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Corinne Juillard

  • Trunk art


Stool, bedside table, tray stand, decoration and artwork all rolled into one, Corinne Juillard's Tron.ks are coming to stylish Riviera homes! Inspired by nature, this interior decorator and versatile creative gives new life to dead trees. “As a child I dreamed of working with this noble material; my father used to take me to joineries where I would spend ages smelling the different woods.” In her family home in Thorenc this charming 42-year-old brunette now strips the bark off pine-tree trunks from a neighbouring ranch or found in the adjacent forest. “I won't cut trees down, repurposing abandoned materials, making do with what nature gives me, is another important part of my work.” Once sanded down, the trunk is ready, like a blank canvas, to receive her creations, floral or graphic as the mood takes her. “I've always loved drawing, and as my Dad was an architect that fascinating world has been part of my life since childhood. Now I'm going back to my roots and tracing each motif free-hand. This meticulous, creative work brings me an immense feeling of wellbeing, a sort of therapy by wood!” Her constantly evolving collection is soon to be enriched with pieces in leather and metal stands. Discover them in the brand new showroom opened this March in Nice's harbour district.


Nice, 4 avenue du Mont-Alban
Tél. 06 19 89 54 14


By Marjorie Modi