le Jury

ArchiCOTE 2015

  • L'avis du jury sur les lauréats


For the third year running the contemporary architecture competition organised by the SACA* and COTE Magazine spotlights the Riviera's most remarkable achievements. The prizes were presented on 16 October during a prestigious soirée at Villa Arson in Nice. Here are the jury's comments on the winners.



Family home.
"This appears to have been designed around how the space is actually used, meaning there was no preconceived idea about the architecture, which was dictated by the site: the house seems to have grown out of its surroundings. The ample space and extensive interaction with the countryside are impressive."



Résidence Le Cédrat
"One of the main features here is how the public areas such as the stairway have been dealt with, opening onto the exterior and so encouraging its use. Another is how these homes develop individual identities within the estate setting. Especially notable too are the overall elegance, the quality of the materials, the finishing, and not least the positioning with regard to the expressway – considerable thought has obviously gone into the use of glazing to protect the loggias from noise."



Musée Pierre Bonnard
"There's a synchronicity in the design of the new building: it doesn't detract from the old one but gives the ensemble a genuinely contemporary feel. The way the curtain wall too has been dealt with adds a general quality to the entire place and fits it nicely into the existing urban fabric."



Rural home.
"This successfully combines two seemingly antagonistic architectures into an ensemble that communicates both harmony and contrast. The new white section seems to have enveloped the old building, making the end result look classical and modern. A gesture that is sober and evanescent in its expression, showing that the architect must have given a lot of thought to it."



Landscape interpretation centre
"A very elegant design that deliberately sets out to combine solidity with emptiness and create framings and platforms that fully embrace the landscape. It demonstrates considerable sensitivity and is accomplished work for a student. The freedom allowed architecture students has here been exploited to the full."



Villa BH
"Here we weren't judging a finished construction but an intention based on the work of adapting to a sloping plot. The architecture has strongly structured lines but in the end these are upstaged by the sheer volume of the main part, which is most noticeable and most closely echoes the horizontal terracing."