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  • Jean Fautrier spotlighted at last


Fifty years ago the world lost Jean Fautrier (1898-1964), the painter, engraver and sculptor today considered as important a proponent of “informal art“ (Tachisme) in France as Jean Dubuffet. Throughout his life, Fautrier, who counted André Malraux and poets Jean Paulhan, René Char and Francis Ponge among his friends, kept apart from the official art scene. The Malmaison art centre now pays him tribute by displaying drawings and engravings, for the most part not previously exhibited, from the Castor Seibel private collection. This Figurative Freed exhibition gives us a handle on the ground-breaking work of an independent, huma­nist artist who was deeply affected by both world wars. “Fautrier the fanatic“, as Jean Paulhan called him in 1947, never departed from the principle he set himself when very young: “My painting is intended for my own use.“ It’s high time you discovered him. M.S

Until april 26th
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