For tourists and local residents alike, there's many an unsuspected pleasure to be found close by, from the sea to the summits of the Pre-Alps. Among bays, peninsulas and sun-drenched countryside, luxury hotels, beaches, golf courses and jaunts, we'll take you to some amazing places.

June 2018






Paloma Beach : 70 years of seaside enjoyment
This place opened in 1948 is indisputably a part of Riviera heritage. Paloma isn't just a private beach, over its 70-year existence it's become an essential part of the Saint-Jean coastline and restaurant scene, the Côte d’Azur's even. A piece of heritage whose history began shortly after the war, in a world reconstructing itself and relearning to live. In the reviving modernity, artists took advantage of the Riviera's assets; Picasso and his daughter Paloma frequented this stretch of foreshore. The tropical vogue was in full swing, with Luis Mariano singing of Mexico and Acapulco and the scoubidou chair making its appearance. A set of circumstances that explain the name but also a mindset, one that would remain the place's signature through to today: the pleasures of a simple beachfront family restaurant serving great food; fresh Mediterranean fish sizzling on the grill and glasses raised in a toast. Life as it should be!
Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 1 chemin de Saint-Hospice - Tél. 04 93 01 64 71 -

Passable : Lazing and football
Tucked away in a creek, regulars (and newcomers) dedicate themselves to the pleasures of the beach: sunbeds, parasols, bar, restaurant, boutique, massages, water-skiing, jet-skiing, kayaking, inflatables… Year on year this place upholds its reputation as a little corner of paradise with an unbeatable view of Villefranche-sur-Mer Bay. It's open every evening for a programme packed with flavour – the Mediterranean menu insists on the freshest produce – and thrills too, as the restaurant sports a big screen that will be showing the World Cup matches through to the final. Spot on!
Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, chemin de Passable – Tél. 04 93 76 06 17

Royal Riviera : Swinging
Throughout the season Thursday nights are DJ time with M. Jaz on the hotel's beach. Good vibes guaranteed!
Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 3 avenue Jean Monnet ­- Tél. 04 93 76 31 00


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