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June 2016

Kube Hotel Saint-Tropez*****

  • The Klub has opened!
 hotel le kubb

To offer guests an even more exclusive experience the hotel has added a new wing called Le Klub, comprising four villas with six 30m² bedrooms each and a balcony or terrace. In addition there’s one loft-style 120m² duplex apartment with ground-floor living room, dining room and kitchen plus a bedroom upstairs. During the season Le Klub will host Parisian restaurant 1K whose chef invites you to discover the cuisine of the Andes. These dishes feature contrasting taste associations as in crunchy and soft, spicy and mild, sour and sweet; to get an idea, try the Wantanes (pork, prawns and lemon balm) or Almejas (clams, Peruvian asparagus, rocoto pepper). A new bar and a 300m² Carita spa add the final enjoyable touches to your stay.