• Lobster or ceviche?


What better way to forget the grey Paris sky than to stop for a tasty bite at one of the area's hip eateries? Our faves are Lobster Bar, Fish Club and Claus. The first two, as you doubtless guessed, are strictly for fish and seafood. The third, Claus, serves a luxury brunch at any time of day. They'll also deliver and, if you're in a rush, you can buy a takeaway at the deli across the road. The Lobster Bar, decked out with seating and lamps recovered from old ferryboats, sets out to make the lobster sandwich the must-eat of the moment. It serves them with home-made French fries, tarragon mayonnaise and tapas. The nearby Fish Club is a delightful, original and delicious fish bar where the chalk board announces ceviche, tiradito, crab cakes, skewered octopus and Peruvian specialities..

The Fish Club, 58 Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1er – Tél. 01 40 26 68 75 
Lobster bar, 41 rue Coquillière, 1er – Tél. 09 80 74 99 04 
Claus, 14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1er – Tél. 01 42 33 55 10


By Alix Lerebours­­­