The Beaubourg area as seen by Jean-François Piège


The affable Jean-François Piège has wasted no time to charm the foodie public with his restaurants, books, TV shows and, above all, his cuisine. He has won three Michelin stars for his restaurant at the Plaza Athénée, two for the Crillon, and the Chef de l'Année title in 2011. He has opened the Brasserie Thoumieux and a gastronomic restaurant, and for his personal life he has picked the 1st arrondissement. His favourite spot for a stroll when he's not working is the Place des Victoires. "This district is drenched in history and in the old days, with Les Halles, it was all about food. It's full of interesting places."

Jean-François Piège's favourites


La rue du Nil
This is on the edge of the district but it's a must-go. It's where you'll find Grégory Marchand's Frenchie, Frenchie to Go and Bar à Vin. Grégory is a chef I appreciate enormously.
5-6 et 9 rue du Nil, 2e - Tél. 01 40 39 96 19


La Librairie Gourmande
I'm a collector at heart and I love the Librairie Gourmande for the rare cookery books I find there.
92-96 rue Montmartre, 2e - Tél. 01 43 54 37 27


Le Yam’Tcha
The sensitivity of Adeline Grattard's cuisine goes straight to my heart. This place used to be a restaurant but is now a shop selling teas and takeaway steamed brioches.
4 rue Sauval, 1er


By Alix Lerebours­­­