pets folies



Good design isn't just for us humans. Dogs, cats, fish and hamsters also have a right to the best available, as per this selection. 


Doggie shades. 

To protect our dear dogs' eyes, some clever people have invented canine sunglasses that give rotection not just from the sun but also from sand on those long beach walks. Although strongly resembling diving goggles, they have been designed with the animal's comfort in mind: padding around the eyes, adjustable straps, and even a choice of colours.



Pamper your pooch. 

Find your pup's favourite treats and must-have accessories, learn which are the most fashionable grooming parlours and where the best walks are. Animal expert Brigitte Bulard-Cordeau reveals her 300 best addresses all over France so your faithful pet will be
a happy urban dog.

Chien des villes, Editions du Chêne, 2013


Waterpark for dogs. 

Spain: tapas, sangria and blazing sun! To refresh dogs at the height of summer, Resort Canino Can Jane has opened the first waterpark for them. Just like ours, it has water slides, a wave pool, balls, inflatables and even pools of varying depths to cater for different sizes.



For luxe dogs. 

Every owner knows dogs like to show off, so here's a line of jewellery specially for them! Collars, ladybird and key pendants, clips and medallions decorated with rhinestones and crystals, to add the glitzy touch that will make yours the top dog.



Cat café.
Tokyoites have found that cats' purring helps bring stress levels down. So Margaux Gandelon couldn't resist opening two cafés, in the Marais and at Bastille, where a dozen-plus eminently caressable kitties await customers in need of cuddles. A percentage of the cafes' profits is donated for protecting cats.16 rue Michel Le Comte, 39 rue Sedaine, 11e - Tél. 09 73 53 35 81


Polished paws. 

If you thought cosmetics were for humans only, allow us to present canine nail polish! A choice of orange, green or purple lets you give your beloved bow-wow a punk look or match their claws to your nails. And don't worry about licking, it's harmless.


Pets' delicatessen

These days eating healthily is of prime importance to man and beast, hence Pets Deli in Berlin, the first gourmet delicatessen for cats and dogs. It sells treats and balanced meals concocted by manageress Katharina Warkalla (an animal dietician) using kangaroo (!), turkey or beef mixed with vegetables and carbohydrates. To enjoy on the spot or as takeaways.

Teplitzer Straße 38, 14193 Berlin, Germany Tél. +49 30 89640455


The felines' hotel. 

Gauthier Berdeaux was fed up of his cat sulking every time he went on holiday,

so he came up with the idea of opening a "hotel for urban felines". No cages or wire netting here, the guests stay in individual or shared rooms – there are even luxury suites –, have a playroom and are lovingly looked after by catsitters throughout their stay. So chic!

11 rue Ambroise Thomas, 9e – Tél. 01 42 46 86 46


Cat toilet training. 

When considering adopting a cat, what often holds people back is the cat-tray problem. This training kit featuring a special seat and three discs
is a simple fun way to teach pussy to use the toilet and so eliminate nasty smells and unpleasant
surprises. Next step: teach him/her to flush afterwards!



Urban grooming.

Even playing can give dogs' and cats' paws and coats a bit of a battering, making bodycare and beautifying imperative! Dog in the City dispenses the very best animal grooming so your companion looks and feels tip-top: manicure, fur colour reviving, bubble bath with aromatic salts, pad massage, thalassotherapy with mud or clay...

26 rue du Petit Musc, 4e - Tél. 01 42 74 07 11