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Eric-Helen Louis fait vivre la légende.

Helen Traiteur

  • 60, the age of reason.


This events caterer has been in business since 1959. Sixty years! It started with Avignon restaurateurs Helen and Maryse Louis and continues today in the capable hands of Eric-Helen Louis. It’s now the eighth-largest catering firm in the country, with customers everywhere from Avignon to Monaco and Cannes to Marseille. Sixty is the age of reason for Helen Traiteur; it’s adopted today’s values and is waging war on food waste, saving its leftovers for the benefit of local associations. Every year, the caterer offers a new collection inspired by the trends of the day. Its use of seasonal, local and often organic produce is part of the approach that has earned Helen Traiteur such success since its creation.

884 route de Châteaublanc, 94310 Morières-lès-Avignon. Tél. 04 90 33 31 73