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L’esprit scandinave s’installe au Centre Bourse à Marseille.

Søstrene Grene

  • Scandinavian comfort


This Danish chain is out to enrich your daily life with a multitude of well-designed products. In its new store in the Bourse shopping centre you’ll find items for home and kitchen, crafts and do-it-yourself, party items, school and office supplies, toys, Christmas and seasonal goods and even a food section. In short, everything for everyone. The ambience is 100% Scandinavian: dark walls, soft lighting, classical background music and the scents of perfumed tea and the bare wood of the display units. Søstrene Grene is a family-owned brand founded in 1973, now run by sisters Anna and Clara Grene, whose aim in life is to bring good cheer and comfort to your home.

Centre Bourse, Marseille 1er