Boutique Nouvel Arrondissement Aix

L’offre de ce lieu se veut plurielle et sélective.






Nouvel Arrondissement

  • A products and ideas emporium


«A room of wonders and a curiosity shop» announces the business card of this Aix treasure house celebrating its first year in business this June. A description correct on all points, since the place stocks only unique items you’ll find nowhere else, a concept ardently upheld by the woman behind it, fashion and design enthusiast Stella Mazères. In other words, this is a useful source of handbags, jewellery, design furnishings and even lovely tableware for gifts. At the back there’s a café for replenishing your energy with a cup of tea, and lastly Stella has had the bright idea of holding regular DIY workshops.

6 rue Matheron, Aix-en-Provence
Tél. 04 88 41 73 87