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A table with style


Let’s take a look around the decorators and creatives who will help you make the simplest meal a moment to remember.
Table dressing in the land of gastronomy and terroirs is a matter of knowhow, of course. But it’s also a matter of etiquette: phones, for example, must never, ever be seen at table. Instead, let’s think porcelain, silver, bright crystal glasses, elegant linen, miscellaneous accessories and fragrant flowers. Perhaps you haven’t found your heart’s delight among Hermès’s 89 plate designs, and maybe Virginia Mo’s Sourire line, available only from the website of the famous restaurateur,, doesn’t match your style? Then head to the local specialists we have checked out for you, to make your table an example to one and all. In Marseille, Sophie Ferjani stages her modestly-priced wares with great elegance, and you’ll surely be inspired by the amazing stuff at Emilie’s in Les Docks. In Aix, you can find Elisabeth Rovedo’s splendid handcrafted pottery tableware; she works with some of France’s top restaurants and will make custom crockery to your order. Let’s also mention the Duralex glassware at Maison Empereur in Marseille, for a touch of humour in 1970s style: the whole collection is there, in blue, red or colourless.

Maison Empereur
4 rue des Récolettes, Marseille 1er
Tél. 04 91 54 02 29

Elisabeth Rovedo/Studio & Designs
36 rue du Puits neuf, Aix en Provence
Tél. 06 03 99 83 14

Boutique Emilie’s
Les Docks Villages, 10 place de la Joliette, Marseille 2e
Tél. 04 91 63 67 37

Sophie Ferjani
45 rue de la République, Marseille 2e
Tél. 04 91 19 83 29

Par Louis Badie