Photographie de Christophe Billet

Arthur Bosc

  • L’âme régionale


“Nothing predisposed me to join the architecture agency my father founded in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence nearly 40 years ago. And yet after I got my engineering degree, I changed course completely. Something clicked when I started paying an unexpected interest in my brother Jean’s final year architecture project. That prompted me to enrol in the Luminy school with the idea of joining the Bosc team. And team is certainly the right word. We grew up amid my father’s plans and models (in those days that meant cardboard models and big wooden boards) and my mother’s decoration work. They worked very closely together. These days, while my mother has drawn back a bit, our trio is perfectly complementary in terms of skills, experience and personalities. Inspired by Gaston Bachelard and, especially, Peter Zumthor’s vernacular ambiences, we love transforming existing structures, the older the better, while giving the impression that they have always been there. We also like to work with a ‘local’, eco-friendly rationale, so we willingly keep to local projects. I’m into films and poetry, and I notice that I’m working ceaselessly, always looking for new projects. Because we also sponsor a lot of festivals (music, contemporary art, events, culinary art, antiques) and we regularly show our photographs and drawings in exhibitions.”

2003: Arrived in Paris
2009: Engineering degree from the INP
2010: (Re)discovered architecture with my brother Jean when he was on his final year project
2014: Took over the family architecture studio with my brother

Par Louis Badie