Photographie de Christophe Billet

Maya Rollin

  • The third generation of women at Château des Alpilles


“I always knew that one day I would be working with my family at the Château. My mother encouraged me to have a career of my own, but it’s the hospitality trade and being in contact with customers that I like best. To me, the Château was the obvious place to be. It had been run by my grandmother and then my mother. I want to continue the family experience, which is actually a women’s story since I’m the third generation of women to work here. I’ve been working on the Château’s image since I joined the family firm as sales, events and communication manager. I’ve redesigned the logo, the leaflets and the brochures. I pay close attention to communication via the Internet and social networks; I think they are now more important than the traditional guides. More broadly, I want to develop a whole visual identity around the hotel, a strong one, to make the Château a fully-fledged brand. I’m also planning to add a bridal suite for 2020/2021. For the moment we have 21 rooms and don’t want more than that. We want the hotel to remain select and intimate.

Peace and luxury
The strength of the place, its soul, lies in the restfulness it bestows on those who give us the pleasure of welcoming them for a stay. My aim is to bring happiness to everyone who spends their holiday at the Château. Make the guest’s stay unique and special, as my grandmother used to say. In 2019 my family will have owned the Château for 40 years, and in 2020 the château itself will have stood in this outstanding location at the foot of the Alpilles for 200 years.”

1990: Born in Arles
2008: Went to Paris to study interior architecture and design at the Ecole Camondo
2015: Spent several months in Australia with my cousin