Art & Timewear



Under the banner of beauty


After a decade of technical showman­ship and unbridled imagination, the watch manufacturers are now exploit­ing calibres and complications whose development took them several years. Today all their attention is focused on design so as to present these technical feats as advantageously as possible. In the manufacturers' workshops the cases of iconic models are given face-lifts rendering them yet more profiled and attractive. In this style exercise, what is more difficult – and seductive – than creating a watch pure and timeless in looks, which will endure through deca­des and generations? This supreme challenge, the watchmakers have unani­mously set themselves. Another trend at the SIHH and Basel­world shows was opulent display cases of watches glittering so brightly as to be truly precious jewels, or exploiting couture knowhow to dress up to the nines. For men, the watchmakers have looked deep into their imagination to incite desire, innovating in steel, beautifying crowns or giving dials a pretty blue sheen, realising their own long-held dreams in order to make connoisseurs covetous. This year's new watches flaunt a sometimes hypnotic beauty on which we never tire of gazing. And in their best finery they invite us to forget humdrum life through enchantment and poetry.