The butterfly effect


This season fly-away frames impose a retro-futurist style and enliven the faces of fashionistas in the know!

Louis Vuitton
Contrastes Contrast
Nicolas Ghesquière tweaks his outfits inspired by 18th-century aristocrats' garb with ultramodern accessories. Futuristic sneakers and aerodynamic eyewear toughen up the neoclassical wardrobe.

John Dalia
Golden Girl
The French-made John Dalia eyewear includes this Ingrid model plated in 22ct gold for pared-back elegance.

Miu Miu
These structured, graphic sunglasses add butterfly lenses just perfect for signing off an original modern look.

Lumineuse idée Luminous idea
The British fashion house offers sunglasses in a variety of colours. This luminous shade lights up the face with sophistication.

Par Julie de los Rios